Monday, October 18, 2010


Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

Quick note on one of the reasons on why I have not been blogging recently. MOVING! (obviously)  haha...

My Husband and I are very thrilled to announce that we got our first house! 

We are renting right now, and lovin' it.

We have very sweet Christian landlords, they have been so very gracious to us!

The Lord is so faithful.

We are just rejoicing as we continue to unpack and move things into our new home.

Prior to living here in this home, we were renting out an apt. It was a very tiny apt. It was beginning

to feel just way to cramped, and suffocating. We are grateful to God that he has led us here.

I have been unpacking and organizing and things, trying to make our house feel a bit more like home everyday...

I'm getting there! We still have some things to do but, it's just about all completed. 

When my husband and I saw the house and took a good look at it, he and I both were thinking what a wonderful place to raise a family...

We've got a calm, serene neighborhood, the people seem friendly, it's enough space to have several little ducklings...

It seems like whoever walks in this house they begin to think the same thing. Speaking of raising a family, keep praying!

We are still desiring to become parents... 

We know that God has the perfect time frame for children to come into the picture, we are content and very happy waiting for that blessing to come! 

We believe children are a blessing from the Lord, and we are looking forward to adding on to His Kingdom, with however many children he chooses to bless us with...

We will gladly accept any number. 

Well, that is that for this post, I will continue to keep filling you all in on what else is going on in future posts very soon! God Bless ya'll! 

Do you enjoy the whole moving process? How many times have you moved?


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