Sunday, January 30, 2011


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 -Tina R. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Link (:

Here's the link to my other blog, feel more than welcome to check it out! (:


Quick Note: (No this announcement has nothing to do with the waterfall pictured above lol).

I have said before that I have this blog and's true. but, this blog isn't getting hit with all the construction. The other blog is too. I changed the name of the other blog to, "TTC: My Journey." TTC stands for: "Trying To Conceive". That blog used to be entitled, "ABC's Of A Wife Like Me". I decided to reconstruct that blog as well! Feel more than welcome to check it out! I pray you are finding these new changes refreshing, rather than burdensome. God Bless all of you! I'm sorry about the confusion and inconveniences. I'm working on it. (:


Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Apology!

My deepest apology to everyone out there who reads my blog! As I'm sure you have noticed, there has been MAJOR construction going on, on this blog! As you may have noticed, I decided to change the name of this blog to, "This And That", rather then "The Whole Iceberg". Some other changes that have been made are the background, the style and vibe of everything! And so much more! I felt the blog needed a bit of a face lift. (Or blog lift in this case). It is going to be under construction from now until about the end of February. Once AGAIN I am SO very sorry for the inconvenience! On a lighter note: TONS! Of stuff is going on in our lives it's wild! So...I have a WHOLE lot of things to blog about! =] Even though all of this construction is going won't stop me from blogging! Don't posts will be up each day (or every other day). I am going to be keeping you up to date on this and that. Thank you all for your patience! It's much appreciated!!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Sickness And Health

We're sick! Yep...this hasn't happened very often in our marriage. It's hard to take care of one another when we both need taken care of. He started feeling bad today, sounds like he's getting a bad cold. I have laryngitis so, I'm trying to do what the doctors say to do: drink lot's of water, get rest try not to speak...etc. (That last one is hard for me sometimes...especially when my husband comes home from work and wants to talk about his hard day. I want to have a voice to encourage him with. SO, lately I have been trying to find other ways to encourage him. It's working out alright...though, I still miss talking. I pray that we both get well soon!

Hopefully within the next couple weeks we'll begin to see progress. My Husband is very healthy and NEVER seems to get sick. He told me once, he said, "Honey, when I get sick...I GET S-I-C-K!!" SO, whatever my husband has must be REALLY bad...because as I said, he seems to NEVER get sick. Whenever it begins to feel like too much effort to care after each other, we sometimes remind each other of the promise we made in our vows..."In sickness or in health right babe?"...."Right sweety". (:

Last night we went out on a date. Even though we don't feel the best, we still try to make the best out of every situation. Well, last night I wasn't feeling the best...he was feeling fine then. I really wanted to go out on a date even though I felt bad so...we went. He said it was a surprise and that our reservations were made. I was like, "Hmm....hee hee. I'm excited!" A world of thoughts came swimming through my brain. "Hmmm...I wonder if we're going to a fancy hotel...or, maybe dinner somewhere...OR.. -"

We got in the the car and started driving...he reached his hand across the middle seat to hold my hand...he smiled, and said,"I love you". I smiled back and enjoyed feeling 17 again. All of a sudden, the car came to a stop. He walked out and around the car to my side of the door, opened it, took my hand like the gentlemen he is...and gently escorted me to our destination. "This is it", he said. I looked up and saw a sign above the doors that read, "La Pastorella."

He kindly opened the door, and allowed me to go in first. I looked around this beautiful bistro and saw all of the vintage pieces they had all around. The tables were set up nicely, the romantic music flooded the room. We took our seats and began reading the menu.
"Yes, I'll have the Spaghetti Parmesan with Italian Sausage please." "And for you Sir?" "I'll have the Cordon Bleu, please." As we waited for our food we sipped our drinks, laughed and talked and had a great time. Our food arrived! "Oo that looks good! Thank you." I exclaimed. "Wow this looks really good". "Your most welcome!" The waiter said. He went on, and we dug in! I'm telling you folks...I have NEVER sunk my teeth into pasta that good EVER before. I am mostly Italian and my Father and grandpa (especially Grandpa)...makes some crazy good pasta! But, it's NOTHING like the pasta from La Pastorella!

No offensive familia -I love you all but, you need to sharpen up your pasta-making skills ;)
The night at, La Pastorella was wonderful. A great surprise! Thank you honey for taking me there and surprising me! I love you! :)

We finished off our romantic meal with a tasty desert called, Chocolate Marble Cheesecake, set the tip on the table, and drove off into the frosty night! Even though I was a bit sick...I don't regret one moment of the night. It was incredible. Being sick with supper isn't so bad when you have someone special to enjoy it with :)

Have you and your spouse ever been sick at the same time?

Untill next post!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's A Wonderful Journey

This is one of my very first posts in 2011...feels good to be blogging again! :) In this post I wanted to talk about our marriage and how this second year of marriage has been going for us.

This second year of marriage, has been so wonderful! God has been really working on our hearts. I would like to say to anyone that has said to us that, "Marriage is just gonna' get better"...well, number one, thank you for that positivity! And, number two, you weren't lyin'! It has! I thought the first year was good HA! In this second year...SO much has been going on! God has been really stretching us and transforming and challenging us to better serve each other -and Him. I cannot BELIEVE how quickly time has already past by.

So much has happened. As I had mentioned earlier, my Husband and I celebrated our second Christmas -in our first house. Living here has been great! I love this house, and the people that are allowing us to stay here. I feel I have become more 'style' savvy I guess you could say...when it comes to decorating your home. I noticed in the first year...every room in the Apt. looked like a teenagers room space. Especially the Master bedroom of the Apt. I have seen some growth and maturity in my choices (as well as my husband) and choices of style (when in comes to the house)...In other ways as well. It's funny looking back on old pictures of when we your NEWLY-newlyweds...and just seeing how much we both looked so unprepared...and clueless to how hard things were going to be in the near future. I'm not saying that we don't look like children sometimes now too...we do. Haha...then'd just have to see the pictures...

                                                                                     Oh look Here's One! : p

 It's so exciting to see all the new, fresh and exciting things God is doing in our marriage now, in 2011. Years ago...before we even got married, we discussed the years ahead...and what we felt they would bring. When we got married we found ourselves having that same discussion. 2011 was brought up a lot...we have always called "2011" the, "Kid Year"...for some reason we always felt that in 2011 was when God was going to start blessing us with children. Well, the year's still fresh! So, we've got time! (: Husband and I are still wanting a child right now. No...we are not expecting...yet. 2011...I feel this year could be the year. God may have different plans, however. We shall see.

Recently, the Lord has been really impressing upon our hearts that we should attend a Christian marriage seminar next month in February. I think, that would be an incredible experience, and very good for our marriage. I was telling my Husband, "Maybe we can make it an annual thing". I think going to one every year...would be a great time of renewal for us. It is true what they say...over the years...(NO, THE LOVE DOESN'T DIE) (I want to heavily emphasize that)...however, it does feel...not as fresh, and exciting always...(like in the first year of marriage.) rekindle that flame that you've already got burning brightly...why not go to a Christian Marriage Seminar every turn that flame into a bonfire? Why not, right?

Don't wait till' 'issues' arise in your marriage...go just to go! And have a good time with your spouse! :) That is why we are going, to be renewed, and learn stuff...I'm very excited. Their going to have dinner and a show there, so it will be very romantic. They will also have, a great speaker, a comedy team, (hopefully a slow dance) we saw in the clip of this seminar. Lot's of great things to bring a sense of renewal in your marriage. (: If you would like information on this Christian Marriage Seminar...let me know! And I will be happy to give you the details! Maybe, you could find a good one in your area if you can't attend this upcoming one.

TRUE Love never dies! True love can ONLY come from Jesus. Only HE can keep that fire alive! Allow God to keep it burning!! We are living in an age where day after day we see marriages burning to a crisp...don't let yours be the next set of ashes. Keep striving to love God, KNOW God, genuinely,sacrificially,selflessly,deeply LOVE your Husband and family.

May God Bless y'all, in your marriages...and for those of you who don't yet know Christ. KNOW HIM! He'll change your marriage and your life!!! For the better :) There IS hope for your marriage! And His name is Jesus Christ.

Got any plans with your spouse for Heart Day 2011? Don't be afraid to share! :)

Until Next Post!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey, I just wanted to apologize...I'M SO SORRY! I's been SO long since I blogged about something. Well...let me catch you up! My Husband Jon and I had a splendid Christmas...and holiday season. It was filled with family, fun and the warmth and joy that only Jesus can give. Below are some photos! :)

                                            2nd Christmas in 1st house...

                                                                    Opening of gifts...

My Husband and I

Christmas 2010 was awesome! December was a very exciting month for us! My brother came home! Yes believe it or not! He is now living in this area! I am so excited!!! I haven't seen my brother for years and years and years! It was like amazing! How God worked it all out! Thanksgiving was great too! New years Eve was fun too...we went to a Church get together...Oh my...I seriously need to start blogging more. Again...So sorry to all of you out there who read my blog. Well...Happy 2011! Many blessings everyone!

Until Next Post,


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