Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey, I just wanted to apologize...I'M SO SORRY! I's been SO long since I blogged about something. Well...let me catch you up! My Husband Jon and I had a splendid Christmas...and holiday season. It was filled with family, fun and the warmth and joy that only Jesus can give. Below are some photos! :)

                                            2nd Christmas in 1st house...

                                                                    Opening of gifts...

My Husband and I

Christmas 2010 was awesome! December was a very exciting month for us! My brother came home! Yes believe it or not! He is now living in this area! I am so excited!!! I haven't seen my brother for years and years and years! It was like amazing! How God worked it all out! Thanksgiving was great too! New years Eve was fun too...we went to a Church get together...Oh my...I seriously need to start blogging more. Again...So sorry to all of you out there who read my blog. Well...Happy 2011! Many blessings everyone!

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