Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another post, another apology

So I'm sorry, recently my posts have been getting shorter and shorter..okay, maybe I can't juggle like I thought. That doesn't mean I'm giving up! I am still very much trying my hardest to keep everyone up to date on all of my blogs! lol...okay so new news, my Husband and I have been discussing our finances and we are thinking that it may be wise to disconnect the Internet to save $$. (Yeah you know what that means) But! I have good news...there is always the Library so I can easily go there (once a week) and work on blogging! More new news: My Husband and I may be moving again....I know it hasn't been that long...but it may just be what God wants. We are both very excited to see all that God is doing in us and through us and to us! Thanks everyone for your prayers.

More posts to come,

A BIG God Bless You to you, and your loved ones,


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