Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Trip Ever! Part 2

So we had a really great time the next day too! My Husband took me out to the Northwest Arkansas mall, and he had seats reserved for us at the game. They were the seats right behind the bench so, it was exciting! At the lady backs basketball game we had fun yelling, "GO HOGS GO!" "WOO PIG SOOIE!" and "DEFENSE"! [=

At the Northwest Arkansas mall, they had the coolest setup in the center of the mall I guess it was, they actually have trees growing out of the ground inside of the mall like in the eating is awesome! So, we made sure to get some photos of that too. A piano player was playing there as well which was really unique and cool! Close by they also were giving free massages. Those types of things I have never seen in a mall before so it was real neat.

As you can tell by my facial expression I was SHOCKED that we got such great seats number one, number two I was shocked that we were even there about to watch my favorite team play! It was wild! ESPN was there filming the game too. It was a really fun time. Unforunatly however my team (AR. Lady Backs of course)...lost! =[ It was a fight! The score at the end when it was all said and done was Arkansas 50 Auburn 54. It was a close game...very intense to watch in person! It was really neat, I am so glad I got to see my favorite players in action! It's way better than watching it from the computer or what not. Jon is even getting interested in basketball now! =] It's real nice to have joint interests.

The picture of me by the fence above was taken at the U of A campus. We tried to get the "A" sculpture in the background..but obviously it didn't workout lol.

Below are the the pictures we took at the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayettevill! It was a ton of fun! Shopping and just having a blast. [=

Have YOU ever been to the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayettevill? Quick Trivia: In which episode of 19 Kids and Counting was this mall filmed?
A: Donating Duggars ?
B: Duggar Day Out ?
C: Duggars Take A Dip ?
D: Testy Duggars ?

Best Trip Ever! Part 1

So it was a snowy weekend in Northwest Arkansas but the trip was well worth it! My Husband Jon and I had a wonderful time. We got to fill our hearts with the wisdom that only God can give. Gary smalley (the speaker at the event we went to). was amazing! He had so may great things to say as well as his son, and others. We learned many things and got some great tips on how to have a more effective marriage, and also how to have more effective friendships with others. I would recommend any married couple to go to the Gary Smalley we love healthy marriages event! There you will renew your marriage and spark a fire it your marriage that will keep on growing! Speaking of growing, I was blessed enough to have been able to snap a photo of the Duggar Home as we drove by...little Duggars were out playing in the snow...they were eyeing our think it was little Jackson who was out there using the, "Vote for Jon-David" sign to sled around with. I couldn't tell exactly which little Duggars were out their but, they sure looked like they were having a blast!

At the event we met Josh and Anna Duggar from the hit TLC show, "19 Kids and Counting". I couldn't believe they were there! It was a miracle! There were 1400 people at the event and we just so happened to bump into them! My Husband and I are HUGE fans of the Duggar family! A day prior to meeting them at this event my Husband and I got stuck at Champion Motor Cars the snow was piled well as the traffic! But it was still neat! Anna was gracious enough to allow me to take a picture with her. For those of you who think that Anna is snobby or snootie....YOU ARE WRONG! This girl is SO kind and selfless...she even took the time to engage in conversation with me. It wasn't just a quick photo and that was that! She is genuine, real and full of Christ! As well as her Husband Josh, my Husband approached Joshua and told him what a wonderful influence he and Anna have been to us in our lives, and how we are so proud of them for staying so strong in there faith, and for doing so many great things and so forth and so on and...all Josh said was, "Wow...well, praise the LORD." They didn't draw any attention to themselves, they are very personable and humble. It was an honor and a blessing to have met them.

This weekend is a weekend my Husband and I will never forget! It was the best trip ever! I would just like to openly thank my wonderful Husband for taking the time to honor our marriage, and for being so thoughtful and wise! He planned this trip so perfectly! I thank you LORD as well for the many blessings poured out! And for all the wisdom we have obtained. Thank you for keeping us safe as well! We are young and in love! And now even more in love than before thanks to God working through this wonderful conference! I know we we weren't the only married couple that left changed! And revived! Now it is time my Husband and I apply what we have learned in our daily lives! I am so grateful to God for all the people that he had put across our path during the trip! We were deeply inspired, encouraged, renewed, refreshed and truly blessed!

I think it is very vital for every married couple to attend a marriage event once a year! My husband and I have decided that is what we are going to do! For Jon (my hubby) and I, we feel this conference has given us a whole new perspective on marriage. Marriage is more than just a commitment, it's a calling, it's an honor, and a privilege. [= I love you Jonathan! Happy Valentines Day baby! I pray we can celebrate many many more to come!!

Have YOU ever met a Duggar? Tell me about it!

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