Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miscarriage: A Poem

This poem that I wrote is about the baby my Husband and I lost. It ended in a tragic miscarriage.

                        MY CHILD:

Dear angel, It's been a little over a year now that you have been gone.

I miss you very much...you were my song.

The way you felt inside me, I will never forget.

The pain I felt when you left me, I will never regret.

It's made me a stronger person.

I've grown better from it.

I have not grown bitter- I am not a quitter.

I won't give up to give in to sorrow.

For, tomorrow is much sweeter than those past memories that ache.

My life felt at stake when I was carrying you, as you lay dead inside me...

I felt black and blue.

I lay paralyzed in pain as I look up to Heaven, "Oh Father God please lessen this pain"...

My strength is gone". I must move on...

I sit here a year later as a new woman. Child, you helped mommy become a better person.

I learned a lot from what you put me through.

I'm so grateful God used you.

I pray one day, we'll meet.

I'd love to hold you in my arms, and kiss those tiny feet.

You'll forever be my angel, you are sorely missed.

Don't worry about Mama...

My life is truly bliss.

-Tina Rose Reed

~December, 7th 2010~.

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