Saturday, February 19, 2011

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So I just finished writing a poem entitled, "Meadows Mark" and the reason why I am posting this poem on this blog is because the blog that I wrote and posted this poem on (The Poet Tree) I felt I needed to promote it because it has little to no readers SO yes...I do have another blog called, "The Poet Tree" also, I've got another blog called, "TTC: My journey". Yes, This is my main blog...however I do keep the other two blogs I've got, up-to-date regularly...just like this blog anyway. SO lol...sorry that sounded a bit confusing, hope you understand! If you want to read more poems of mine make sure to check out "The Poet Tree" blog, or if you are more interested in hearing about infertility feel free to visit the "TTC: My Journey" blog. Thanks!

Meadows Mark

The owl sits and waits, and watches.
The birds all take their place.
The forest is blooming with flowers galore.
It's such a beautiful place.

As I walk through the trees, I raise my head up high and I look towards the sun.
With my feet firmly planted I breath in the scenery.
I melt in God's nature, as I bask in the glory of His handiwork.
I feel as if I am floating high above the clouds.

I imagine myself way above the earth, soaring with the angels.
My heart is joyfully beating, and I feel free as an open road.
My mind is clear, and I am here in the midst of God's precious gifts.
I begin to walk further on this dirt path through the trees.

The soil beneath my feet is rich, and warm.
My soul can almost not bare the sight, sounds and smells of this mystery.
As I quiet my Spirit, summer rain begins to fade into the earth around me.
The rain feels delicate and warm as it trickles down my face, I stand in awe.

I find comfort in this stillness.
I raise my hands toward Heaven, and let out a shout.
"I'm Alive" I say.
My cry fell off my lips and slipped into a stream beside me.
There was waves and ripples showing off in the water, they grew and grew.

The little fish were flustered by the sudden shift in their home.
Soon those tiny creatures, went safely back to calm.
I walked on.
Further and further I went, darker and dimmer it got.

I quickly found a dry grassy meadow to escape to nearby.
As I lay dreaming in this soft grassy meadow, the sun politely, is waving goodbye.
I wave back, and cry.
This day is done, I've enjoyed it so much, I am going to miss it for, I'll never get it back.

I reassure myself, "There will still be days like this."
I pray a quick little prayer to my Lord above.
Then, I lay my head down against the earth.
I close my eyes.

I turn off my mind.
I mutter, goodnight world, as I fade in and out of sleep.
I dream of the joys of God's creation, and how it brings me great peace.
I've never felt closer to Jesus.

The night sky fell gently upon me, like a blanket.
I pretended the stars marked the number of journey's I have yet to take.
I sink deeper and deeper into the grassy meadow.
My body's asleep but, my heart is wide awake.

I fall deeper still, now I'm finally dreaming.
Or was it that, all of this was just a marvelous dream?
Sometimes reality is so wonderful that it almost doesn't seem real.
Whether a dream or not...I hope to never wake up, it's just that marvelous.

This meadow...left it's mark.

-Tina R.

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