Saturday, February 5, 2011


So it's almost V Day and I am very x! YAY! For this V Day my hubby and I are planning a nice trip for him and's been stressful trying to plan and things but we are finally starting to relax for the trip YAY!!!!! It's the marriage conference thing I told you about it one of my older posts. BUT BUT BUT...I got NEW news! :) My Hubby is ALSO taking me to an ARKANSAS RAZORS GAME! YAY! (It's an Arkansas girls basketball game). YAY! I hope I can get some autographs or something...also, I hope we can go because we are covered with snow it will clear up!!!!!! Before the trip. Anyway, sorry I am a little hyper today...Just thought I would post about this...I know most of my posts on here are usually very serious and things...but why not be at least a little layed back right. La la di da....well I hope all of you enjoy your V day's...God Bless!


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