Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book Review

Helpful History

Several  months ago (note: why I entitled this blog post, "Helpful History") the past, I went over to the

book shelf because I felt the need to read. My eyes skimmed over all the books on the shelf, something

though...something stuck out about this particular book, "The Purpose Driven Life". As I read that title my

mind was whizzing with thought of, "hmm...I don't know about this one." "I wonder if this book is actually

legit and can help." Etc. etc. I decided to finally store my thoughts away and just read it. I opened the book

up and I've got to say- automatically I was HOOKED! The Purpose Driven Life is GREAT book! The

 pages are filled with inspiration and encouragement. The author makes everything interesting with the way it's

all laid out. It's an easy read. With this particular book, they have a 40 day challenge on the inside that you 

must keep committed to and stick with. It's basically a 40 day devotional. The book has journal space that

 you can write in, and it's just a neat little devo. I said it was a great book, and that is true, however there are

 some things written in the book (not Bible Scripture of course) but certain things written by the author that I

disagree with, but overall it is such a great book I just had to acknowledge it on my blog. It's not a self-help

book that's what lots of you may think that have yet to read it. It is not a self-help book. Most of what is

 written in this book is Scriptures, and the author wrote what he felt led to in accordance with what the

 Scriptures are referring to. He sort of paraphrases certain things, and expounds on things a bit. As well as,

 breaks apart the Scriptures of the Holy Bible and digs deeper into the Word of God to help readers have a 

better understanding of what the Lord is trying to say through His' people. I say go read it! Enjoy it! Learn

from it! And before reading, take the time to pray that the Lord will open up your heart and prepare it, so it

can be transformed by His power. God Bless as you continue to strive to please Him! Go get the book!

Also, I would have a Bible handy as you are reading this..and a notebook and pen it will help a whole lot for

study and reflection. (NIV is a good one). Don't delay! Get to seeking the Lord's precious face! This

devotional by author Rick Warren is a great way to do that! I pray the Lord reveals much to you! Until next


PS: A few chapters in this book is on TEMPTATION...what it is, and how to conquer it....IT'S VERY GOOD! It helped me SOO much!!! Just FYI :D

Have you read this book? what would you rate it? What book(s) do you read for your devotional time?

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