Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doggy Dilemma

Our new addition to the family!

My Husband and I just recently got a dog. His name is Benji (Benji Buttons). He is very sweet and I wouldn't

 trade this dog for any other dog out there! I want to give a BIG thank you to the previous owners for so

 graciously giving him to us. He is a GREAT addition to the family! It is a blessing. Well, Mr. Benji Buttons is

 quite the unpredictable little rat terrier! I have got a doggy dilemma on my hands. Benji is a sweetheart, but

 sometimes he can be maybe a little too sweet which makes play time difficult. He is also very shy. Now that 

-is where I run into the dilemma, he is so very shy! It is so hard to interact with Benji when all you get in 

response is a tail between his legs and a soft whimper. Don't get me wrong I love Benji dearly, it's just that I 

would love to see him break out of his shell. The things I try like, playing with him, giving him walks, petting 

him singing to him! LOL...nothing! Seems to matter how hard I may try. Now, I have seen Benji 

warm up some...but yet, not to the extent I would like him to. See the dilemma? Lots of people have said that

 when you first get rat terriers they do tend to be very timid and shy. And then later on down the road, once

 they get to know you and your family more then that's when they will turn into this spunky hyper, energetic

 rat-chasin' dog! I've got to remember Benji is still 8 months, he's just a pup so he has a ways to go! He is still.....

..... trying to get used to his surroundings.  I'm sure it's a lot different out here in the big world then it was in his 

mommy's tummy. He's super adorable and funny...very lazy though, which the laziness makes it a whole lot 

harder to take him on his daily stroll. Does anyone know of anything that will help our rat terrier to warm up 

to us more? Let me tell ya' any suggestions I'll take! (almost any anyway). Would greatly appreciate it!


God Bless!

What about you? Have anything to share about your dog training days? Doggy Dilemma? Do share! 


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