Saturday, November 13, 2010

Doggy Troubles

Benji's Barf!

Oh me oh my! What a story I have to share with you. Mr. Benji Button's tummy got upset today. He puked on our expensive furniture. He is now an outside doggy. My Hubby is going to try and find him a dog house. Benji will probably be happier outside anyway. I don't know what got him sick...I did find grass in his puke. MAYBE THAT has something to do with Just might. 

Benji is relaxing outside, while I'm inside trying to get things together for Thanksgiving. It's coming up right around the corner! My sister and her Husband are planning on coming up for the holiday, it's gonna' be fun! There is much cooking that needs to be done before the big day! I am not worrying about the cooking at the moment...right now I am trying to get the guest room all spic and span for there arrival. It's fun! I am having a blast getting things all ready. My sister is in the Marines so, I never ever get to see her or visit with her. This thanksgiving is going to be extra special because of that! Also, along with my mother and Father and grandfather will be coming over for the holiday! More family...more food...more fun! 

It's gonna' be great! I hope all of you out there enjoy your holiday season! God bless! Until next post, 

Do you have any pets that cause you trouble? What are you going to be doing this holiday? Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? 


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