Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Being Intentional With Our Thoughts

Being Intentional With Our Thoughts

Recently, I have really been struggling with my thoughts. Thinking about things the way I shouldn't. We must think about things that are true, pure, lovely of good report. God has been really convicting me about what I am choosing to do with my time. Like, going on Facebook until sunset, watching YouTube videos and not guarding my eyes as much as I should, Thinking negatively about myself and my looks, etc. All of this stuff has really been effecting our marriage...and not in a good way. However, thank God! For He has revealed all of this to me and I am now changing my ways...and I am doing a million times better, and so is our marriage as a result. I didn't feel so alone when I went to my Husband to tell him all this...because he was struggling with these issues as well. It helped to know I wasn't alone. It's very important to share, open up and communicate...if not, hiding these things will only cause the guilt to grow and make your marriage fall apart. I've decided to guard my eyes, and my heart...ears...everything! To protect myself from the plans of the enemy. When I'm constantly on guard, it's a whole lot easier to be aware of what's of God and what is not. Satan is sly and can be tricky...subtle...But, all of those things are like night and day when I am striving to live a pure life and am striving to guard every part of me with Christ, for Christ. Sometimes, it can be a real challenge! But as the Bible tells us, 

"We can do all things through Christ who gives us Strength" ! Phil. 4:13 (Paraphrase).

I encourage you today to guard your hearts, and ask God what are the things that are keeping you away from HIM, what are the things that are distracting you? What are those temptations that you know are wrong that you have been giving into? It's time to put a stop to those things today, and obey the LORD and follow his leading. Never let your heart lead you...Let Christ lead your heart! The link above entitled, "Being Intentional With Our Thoughts" is from the Goodmorning Girls website. I copied and pasted this link for you! Please take the time to read it, it greatly helped me and I know it will greatly help you as well! 

In my thoughts and prayers, I pray many blessings over your life! Until next post, 

What about you? What temptations are you struggling with? How are you going to overcome them? Be open, be honest...admitting is your first step to freedom. Don't be afraid to share, it could be a real blessing to someone

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